How I made this blogging website in 5 mins!

This blog is made using Next.js

Step 1 :

  • Install Node.js (version 10.13 or later)

Step 2 :

  • open your terminal, cd into the directory you’d like to create the app in, and run the following command:

    npx create-next-app nextjs-blog --use-npm --example ""

after running the command a new folder named nextjs-blog will appear.

Step 3 :

  • cd into that folder using cd nextjs-blog command
  • Then, run npm run dev command to run the app.

to check if its working. Open http://localhost:3000 from your browser.

if you've done all previous steps correctly the app should be running now.

congrats you just made a blogging website in 2 mins. now you just have to edit the content, create posts and host the app.

For hosting the app for free. Follow the tutorial given below :

Hosting the blogging website for FREE!!

We will be hosting our blog using github and vercel.

Step 1 :

  • Create an account on GitHub (if you don't have one).

  • Create a new repository :

    creating a new repo

    name the repo, keeping it private or public is personal prefrence.

    repo name, visibility

Step 2 :

  • Push your nextjs-blog to github repo from the command line by running the commands given in your github repo. Example : pushing repo

Step 3 :

  • Create an account on Vercel using github.

  • Open Vercel dashboard and make a new project.

  • Import the project

    importing project

  • And click on deploy

    deply project

  • Congrats! your blog is now up and running perfectly.


  • You can also add a custom domain by going to Project settings -> Domains

    adding custom domain

I covered everything in a concise way. other than that you can take a look at the full tutorial as well.

Facing any issues?

Feel free to contact me on twitter or discord.